Mark Beswick



Mark is the founder and principal of The Worship Clinic, which is a series of in-house training seminars that combine bible based teaching with practical vocal and instrumentalist workshops for those involved in Praise and Worship ministry or who are interested in growing in their understanding of worship.

The goal of the Worship Clinic is to equip believers to affect their sphere of influence with the power of true praise. The Worship Clinic program is designed to specifically cater to the needs of the individual worshipper, worship team and church congregation with a curriculum that focuses on the needs of the learner delivered by an experienced expert faculty who model what they teach.

Designed to apply to your practice today the Worship Clinic teaching is supported by scripture and proven practices with topics that include:

  • Biblical Qualifications for the Worship Team
  • The Psalmist – how to minister prophetically in worship
  • The Worship Blueprint – a teaching on worshipping God according to the heavenly pattern, etc.

The Worship Clinic© is designed to be held over two days (Friday evenings & all day Saturday typically), but one-day “taster” day workshops can also be provided upon request.